Sri Hanuman is a adherent Vaishnava. He is accustomed as the one built-in with the aspects of Siva. Sri Hanuman is the greatest addict of Sri Rama (an apotheosis of Aristocrat Vishnu). Every hair corpuscle on Sri Hanuman’s physique is said to carol Sri Rama’s name. Vaishnavism accustomed the accent of account adherence (DASA BHAKTI). Sri Hanuman is abundant archetype of Dasa Bhakti. We acquisition his idol installed in temples committed not alone to Sri Rama but aswell to added incarnations of Aristocrat Vishnu. Sri Hanuman is admirable with abounding names. One of them is “OM RUDRA VEERYA SAMUDBHAVAAYA NAMAHA” (The one who is built-in with the aspect of Rudra). Sri Hanuman is an apotheosis of Aristocrat Siva (or Rudra). Panchamukha Anjaneya (Sri Hanuman or Anjaneya with 5 faces) is accustomed as the complete apotheosis of Sri Siva. Like Siva, Sri Panchamukha (Five faced) Hanuman has three eyes on anniversary of his faces. Some Saivites temples aswell accept the idols of Sri Hanuman.

Lord Vishnu is said to be addicted of ornaments and beautification while Aristocrat Siva is said to be addicted of bathing (Abhishekham) (ALANKARA PRIYO VISHNU ABHISHEKA PRIYO SIVA). Sri Hanuman is declared as the one addicted of “Alankara” (Adornment) and “Abhisheka” (Bathing). Sri Hanuman grants abounding a boon, if bathed with the chanting of “Manyu Sukta”.

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